SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The city of Springfield is working on a project that will help to improve urban neighborhoods in east Springfield.

Well let’s just say that a lot more trees will be planted throughout east Springfield neighborhoods.

The city of Springfield is working on a project that will put more than 200 trees throughout east Springfield within the next month or so. Patrick Sullivan, the executive director of Parks Buildings and recreation management told 22News, this is part of an effort to cool down the earth after there has been lots of storms due to the earth warming up.

“The weather patterns have changed so the more trees we can plant we have got to cool down the planet again and that is what these types of programs will do,” stated Sullivan.

Kathleen Brown, the president of the East Springfield neighborhood council says quality of life is built on trees, “When we get some more trees, we are going to be able to feel more excited about sitting out in the park and we are going to breathe better.”

According to the greening the gateway cities program— trees will help to cool down the earth, save energy and clean the air. Trees will be planted throughout East Springfield on Stevens , Fresno, Monrovia, Redlands, and El Paso streets.

Springfield Mayor Sarno announced that half a million dollars will go towards tree maintenance and preventative maintenance as we head into the fall. This comes after lots of rain this year weakened many trees.

And while East Springfield becomes more green—They are also welcoming the community to volunteer if they want trees planted on their private yards.

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