HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)- The marijuana industry continues to grow in Massachusetts, creating new opportunities for local dispensaries.

As dispensaries grow, it creates jobs and generates tax revenue that goes right back in to municipalities and the state. Boston Bud Factory in Holyoke just received a special license to manufacture their own products. This will be done at the dispensary in Holyoke on Sergeant Street.

The owner told 22News this will bring more customers to Holyoke who want their one of a kind products they can’t get anywhere. This expansion will create several new jobs at Boston Bud Factory.

Frank Dailey the Co-Owner and CEO of Boston Bud Factory said, “We are already seeing the need for expansion so we need more people to do paperwork, metric tags for the state reporting system. So, it’s already driven a demand.”

Boston Bud Factory partners almost exclusively with other local businesses; collaborating with selling products that are manufactured and created right here in Western Massachusetts. After a recent successful job fair, they will be holding another to fill the new jobs in the coming months.