WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Republican candidate for Governor Geoff Diehl was in Westfield on Friday to talk with voters and business leaders as part of a round table discussion. Geoff Diehl said his goal is to streamline the process for people to be able to start businesses.

Friday’s roundtable discussion was held at the Shortstop Bar and Grill where republican candidates like Geoff Diehl and Dean Martilli, the latter of which is running for congress, explained their game plan for the state.

22News asked Diehl how he plans to support small businesses and he mentioned his concerns surrounding question one on the ballot.

“We know the government can be a partner in helping small businesses, but they can also hurt. When you have big taxes like this question one, where they’re going to tax people who take their money and reinvest it in their businesses, that drives capital and people out of the state,” said Diehl.

A yes vote would amend the state constitution, putting in place an additional 4% tax on the portion of a person’s income that surpasses a million dollars, going towards education and transportation.

He said issues he hopes to support for western Massachusetts residents include the building of the East-West rail, as well as the expansion of broadband in the state.