SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hard work and dedication pay off; that’s one lesson learned Friday by students at the Rebecca M. Johnson Elementary School in Springfield. 22News saw why these students are being rewarded.

A group of well-deserving students got a pretty big surprise. This was no normal assembly for students at the Springfield school, students who achieved perfect attendance records this year were given free bicycles through an effort spearheaded by Deputy Reginald Green from Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and Bob the Bike Man.

Deputy Green said, “I feel like this is a great incentive, to help push the kids over the edge, not to just do something but be better.”

Two trucks pulled up to the school, loaded with 30 bikes and helmets. The students who were called to the assembly hall had no idea what was in store for them, but couldn’t have been happier to be rewarded for their dedication.

Bob the Bike Man Charland told 22News, “I think it’s a great incentive for the kids nowadays to realize if they work harder, they will be rewarded in a way. This is a great way to do it, it’s a great time to do it.”

School administrators appreciate the students’ dedication to school and acknowledge it’s a positive sign for educators.

Chris Sutton, Principal at Rebecca M. Johnson Elementary School said, “One of the things we’ve worked really hard, is really getting students here on time, getting them here for longevity and it shows that when students are here they learn.”

Based on the smiles we saw, it was a day that these students will never forget. Members of the school administration and sheriff’s department were just as thrilled as the students.