SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Temperatures on Monday felt more like fall than the weather we experienced last week and this is just a taste of what type of weather is to come.

22News spoke to a local company about what we could expect on our heating bills for the upcoming winter months. The first day of winter is 64 days away, and that means colder weather is coming. This means that many people will start to turn on their heat.

It is certain that most people will turn on their heat once we get into the winter months and the temperature drops below freezing for a period of time. This year, when you get your bill for your heat, whether its gas heat or electric heat, you will likely notice an increase.

22News spoke to Lisa from Westfield Gas and Electric company and she said the increase in your bill can be a reflection from many things.

“Due to a number of factors, we are definitely seeing not only natural gas going up in the next few months. A lot is going to depend on what the weather does and if we have a particularly cold winter, we know that customers can see their bill by at least 25%.” said Lisa Stowe, Marketing and Communications at Westfield Gas and Electric.

Lisa says to be prepared for the upcoming season by preparing for an increase in your bill and being energy efficient. She also said that you can contact their office if you need assistance on your bill.