NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter officially starts Thursday but we’ve already felt some frigid temperatures this season.

According to Fuel Services in South Hadley, propane is the cleanest form of home heating fuel, followed by natural gas and then heating oil.

There are a number of ways to heat your home. If your looking to cut costs, solar heating is an option. It’s low in cost and more efficient.

Fuel Services of South Hadley services more than 12,000 homes in Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. They told 22News they see more urban households heating with natural gas.

Homes in the hilltowns are using oil but propane is growing in popularity for new construction.

If you’re looking for a home heating service that is friendly on the environment, ‘Fuel Services’ recommends propane. That’s because propane puts less methane in the air.

Stephan Chase of Fuel Services told 22News, “It doesn’t have the methane that natural gas has. A lot of people think that gas is a clean product. It is, unless it leaks and if it leaks and gets in the air, it’s worst for environment than anything else.”

“Gas mining is clearly terrible and so is oil and so is coal. Other options just aren’t immediately available for people who make as little money as we do,” said Joshua Newman of Northampton.

However, Chase said heating oil has improved. The company now offering a 95-percent low sulfur heating oil, mixed with bio-diesel, something that will be mandatory in Massachusetts next year.

The state offers help to eligible people upgrading their home-heating system.

Massachusetts offers tax credits and incentives to residents who reduce their home energy use. Click here to learn more >>