LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – When it comes to gas prices, AAA’s Friday state average was at $4.36, up from $3.86 a gallon just a week ago.

That’s why people like Micaela McDonald from Longmeadow are looking for ways to save.

“I’m thinking that’s not going to get me very far, really,” she said as she looked at the total after filling up her car. “I’m thinking of all the soccer games I have to go to this weekend.”

A survey from AAA found that when gas hits $4 a gallon, most responders said they would have no choice but to make changes.

“I unfortunately have gas guzzlers,” said Debbie Gibbons from Westfield. “I have a Jeep and a Durango but I’m going to try to keep my driving a little bit down.”

Mark Schieldrop with AAA Northeast said now is the time to start looking at ways to save, like signing up for gas station apps and joining loyalty programs. “A lot of these programs, too, have introductory offers where you can save $10 off a $20 for example,” he told 22News.

That’s the case for Stefan Ruggiero of Enfield, “We have the app here so we get a discount 10 cents per gallon.”

However, one of the biggest way to save, Shieldrop said, is slowing down. Reducing your speed by just 5 to 10 miles could increase your fuel economy to 7 to 14 percent.

“We have an issue with speeding in this state, people like to go fast,” said Schieldrop. “The issue is every time you’re accelerating hard or find yourself slamming on those breaks, you’re wasting fuel.”

Mark recommends going 55, but not everyone is sold, like Julian Batchelor from Chicopee. He said he might consider it in specific situations.

“I might on the Mass Pike,” Julian said. “I know those cops are out there.”

It’s also worth taking a look at your car, keeping your tires inflated could improve your fuel efficiency by 5 percent. Removing what you don’t need, from the roof rack to what’s inside your car, could also save you money.