HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke Community College will be launching wine-tasting classes in September for anyone who wants to explore the complexities of wine while sampling select foods.   

According to Holyoke Community College, classes will meet monthly beginning on September 28th on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at the HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute on Race Street. All of the classes will be taught by gastronomy professional Hannah Morrow, who is a travel food educator and cheese specialist at Formaggio Kitchen in Boston.

Each session will cost $59, and seats will be limited. To register for these classes, go to their website or call 413-552-2500. Every class will have a different theme and food pairing, such as the following:

September 28: Biodynamic Wines (cheese and charcuterie)

What are biodynamic wines? How do they assimilate and differ from natural wines or organic wines? Learn what methods are used during the farming, production, and bottling processes and why they’re important to the end product we know and love. Light cheese and charcuterie accompaniments will be provided.

October 19: Oaked Wines (BBQ)

Oaked wines are found globally, but the U.S. is known for oaked whites. Participants will taste domestic and international oaked wines, and learn how new and old oak affects wine structure and composition where wine barrels are from, and why they’re effective in flavor addition and maturation. Menu items from Theodore’s BBQ in Springfield will ramp up the smokiness and flavor. 

November 16: Skin Contact: Maceration and Beyond (Thanksgiving and chocolate)

This class will get intimate with ideas about flavor, color, and texture in wine. Why is rosé red? How do you develop intense flavor and structure? What are the ideas behind terms like “whole cluster,” “carbonic (maceration)” and “saignee.” What is blending and how does that incorporate flavor and balance out the “roundness” of wine? Learn to find the perfect pairings for your family’s Thanksgiving meal, and find out why skin contact pairs beautifully with varying types of dark chocolate.

December 14: Table Wines (holiday leftovers and hand pies)

Ever been to a restaurant and ordered the “house wine”? Often simple yet delicious, “house” or “table” wines are ubiquitous for a reason. We’ll explore the regionality and historical significance of table wines, how they’re cultivated, bottled, and served, and why they’re so delicious and economical. At this point in the holiday season, leftovers might be stacking up in your fridge. Don’t throw them away! Together we’ll explore table wine and leftover pairings, both savory and sweet, in the form of hand pies.

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