HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Spray Pad at Holyoke’s Community field was an oasis on a hot sticky weekend day for all who ventured out in Sunday’s afternoon’s high temperatures.

Holyoke’s acting Parks Director Maureen Tisdell had opened the Community Field spray pad on Friday, and it remained open by popular demand all through this hot weekend. Parents like Brittany Rodriguez made certain to take advantage of this much welcomed amenity.

“My mom’s pool isn’t opened yet, and we come to this park often. My boy’s love the park, over here, why not cool off a little bit,” said Rodriguez.

With the dog park adjacent to the active spray pad, no one was surprised to see the pets getting in on the cool treat. This was the third consecutive day the pre-season spray pad did its work, cooling all who ventured close to the pad.