HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Holyoke DPW announced that new trash barrels will be distributed to every household beginning next month.

According to the DPW, all residents in single-family, two-family, three-family, and four-family homes will receive new 96-gallon trash carts. The delivery will begin on Friday, September 18th to make waste disposal more efficient and convenient.

The trash schedule will not change however, all trash must be in the new cart. Bags of garbage left in front of homes won’t be picked up starting September 25th. Cans, containers, or carts other than the city-issued models won’t be picked up either.

Only trash in the new carts will be collected.The city is asking residents that all trash should be bagged before being placed into the cart. Any damage to the new cart will be responsible of the homeowner at a cost of $90.

“The city will pick up the old trash can’s if they want to get rid of them at no cost. Residents can mark their old trash cans ‘trash’ and put it on the curb the day of their pick up date next to their new city issued can,” said Jaime Morrow, Assistant Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Holyoke.

The distribution of the new trash carts will be mailed to all residents also with no charge.
And next year, recycle carts will be out, but until then, you can use old trash carts to recycle. If you need additional recycling bins, they can be purchased at the DPW for $10.

Recyclables will have to be separated into two bins, one for paper and cardboard and the second for glass, metals, and plastic.

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