HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Fire officials are reminding residents to use extension cords safely and have working smoke alarms after a fire that started with an overloaded power strip.

The Holyoke Fire Department was called to a fire last Saturday that started with an overloaded power strip. The residents were able to get out safely and call 911 however, there were no working smoke alarms in the house.

If you do not have working smoke alarms, the Holyoke Fire Department is offering to install them for free by calling 413-534-2254.

Don’t Overload Circuits and Power Strips

There have been 2,760 fires caused by electrical issues between 2014 – 2018 in which 38 people have died. Electrical fires were the number one or number two cause of fire deaths from 2014
to 2018.

  • Plug heat-generating appliances directly into an outlet, not into a power strip or extension cord.
  • Don’t put electrical cords underneath rugs or pinched behind furniture
  • Charge laptops and phones only on hard surfaces, not on beds or sofas.
  • Have a licensed electrician review your home’s electrical system every ten years. Small upgrades and safety checks can prevent larger problems.
  • Consider installing tamper-resistant (TR) outlets in homes with small children.

Another way to prevent electrical fires is to limit the number of devices plugged into any single outlet or circuit. Plugging too many things into a single outlet or circuit can overload them and start fires.