HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A family member is raising concerns after an incident involving a teacher at Peck Middle School in Holyoke left an 11-year-old with a broken leg.

The Assistant Superintendent said they are investigating the incident right now and at this time they’re not taking any disciplinary action on either side.

A Peck Middle School student’s uncle spoke to 22News off camera. He said on Monday his nephew told teachers he was going to the quiet room, when he then took off instead.

Three teachers went behind him. Two of them grabbed him, one through the arm, and the other one through the other arm. The uncle said that’s when his nephew got tangled up with a teacher’s leg and that teacher fell, breaking his nephew’s leg. He said his nephew had to go to the hospital to get surgery.

What would you like to see be resolved from this?

“I just want them to investigate the whole school and see what’s going to happen from there,” said the uncle.

Do you think they were too rough with your nephew?

“Yeah they were rough. Yeah, too rough,” replied the uncle.

Assistant Superintendent of Holyoke Public Schools Stephen Mahoney confirmed a student was injured at Peck Middle School, but would not comment on specifics to maintain the student’s privacy.

The incident comes after a 2016 report found Peck Middle School used excessive restraint in regards to students with emotional and behavioral challenges. 22News asked Mahoney about the six year old report, he referred us to a 2018 letter that found the school had made improvements since then.

“All staff involved working with our kids are regularly trained on necessary safety protocols and that those protocols and those techniques are regularly updated,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney said they also spoke with the family and they’re doing everything they can with the family to work through the situation.