HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A grant of nearly $190k was received from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and the Baker-Polito Administration to go towards Holyoke Public Schools.

The grant will be used to purchase classroom equipment for middle and high school classrooms to improve access to STEM education for students.

The funds so far have allowed Holyoke Public Schools to purchase probeware equipment for students in grades six through twelve, to have access to “professional-level scientific equipment” and provide them an environment which immerses them into the world of STEM and develop a deeper understanding of the scientific process. Students are provided access to “precise and accurate data from experiments they run, allowing them to analyze and interpret the data in real-time through sophisticated hardware and software.”

“We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and the Baker-Polito administration. These tools will help our students understand the scientific process, giving them a deeper understanding of the world around them and the opportunities available to them in the STEM field,” said Superintendent Anthony Soto.

Along with access to new equipment, to help implement the new probeware, HPS’s partnership with Westfield State University, will provide students with three WSU resident scientist interns. These interns will work with students in the classroom to help implement the software and provide a hands on learning experience from people in that specific field of study.

“I’m so excited for this because it helps to continue to move us in a direction of equity and gives all students access to equipment that will prepare them for success in college and a career in the STEM field,” said District-wide Science Instructional Leadership Specialist Eric Frary.