HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – On Wednesday, the third day of the celebration of Kwanzaa-Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia designated this entire week in honor of the African-American holiday.

Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia welcomed Kwanzaa to city hall-Where the seven day holiday has long enjoyed support. The ceremony honoring the principals borrowed from African traditions strike a positive note from Mayor Garcia.

“This particular tradition of the strong beliefs that really step up a notch how we continue it’s message of love,” said Mayor Garcia.

“We know there’s a small majority of people who celebrate Kwanzaa and we want them to know the Mayor in Holyoke is is acknowledging Kwanzaa making it aware to families in the community that he supports Kwanzaa,” said Ayanna Crawford, a Kwanzaa Supporter.

At each Kwanzaa celebration, There’s Reginald Harrison providing the drumbeat adding resonance to the message of unity, cooperation and love for one’s neighbors.

“Music is life. To me, it’s more than just a vide. It’s a language we can all identify with. that we can all appreciate,” said Reginald Harrison, Kwanzaa Supporter.

And on this third day of Kwanzaa, this non religious holiday stresses working together for common goals, to move forward showing responsibility. A different principal of life observed each day through new year’s day. and it’s been this way since 1966-when the Kwanzaa holiday was first observed by African American communities-Much as it’s been celebrated for many centuries in Africa.