HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A home was donated to the non-profit, OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation on Friday.

22News is working for you with how this tiny house will help a local family.

This is a story about a great partnership. This small home was donated to OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation by the University of Massachusetts. This small structure is called a “Hygge Haus” and it was brought to Middle Street in Holyoke today to begin its new life with OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation. The structure is a newly constructed 350-square-foot modular house made by students at the Umass Building and Construction Department.

OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation tells 22News how the home will be used.

“We’ll stage it with a little bit of reception furniture and invite people on a few occasions to come and see and hear what it’s all about. but, by the fall, we will have identified the right location for this to become someone’s home,” said Michael Moriarty, Executive Director of OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation.

The house features a living room space, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. UMass students took on the project to explore environmentally-friendly and affordable housing alternatives for built spaces.

This house is considered a net-zero house, so the idea is that it will generate as much energy on-site as it will use all year long.