SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many people are wondering what the effect will be here in Massachusetts for potential gun owners.

22News spoke with gun safety instructors about the local implications.

While the instructors of gun safety see the ruling as an overall win, they anticipate states imposing stricter gun training. While on face value the Supreme Court’s ruling seems to be a win for second amendment proponents, they do see stricter states like Massachusetts imposing extra training requirements in an attempt to maintain some control over how many people are able to acquire a gun license in the Commonwealth.

Robert Guthrie a Sales Associate at Guns Inc. told 22News what he thinks the stricter states might do in response.

“Nationwide it’s good,” he said, “The thing I think here in Massachusetts is that it’s going to increase the training requirements. A restrictive state is going to increase more training, which is going to cost more money, and eventually, people are going to say ‘I can’t afford it so I am not going to bother.'”

Guthrie went on to say these extra training requirements would be a way that the state of Massachusetts could continue to make it difficult for people to get their gun licenses. He added specifically live-fire training could become mandatory, while right now it’s only required by the cities and towns that want it.

While this decision could affect the ability of a state or local government to to impose a wide variety of firearm regulations, it will take a while to see what shape this will take for Massachusetts.