WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The extreme heat we are seeing this week can not only cause issues to your health but can create problems for everyday items around you.

22News is working for you with how hot everyday items can get.

With temperatures rising well above 90 degrees today across western Massachusetts everyday things such as cars and pavement can get to extreme temperatures quickly. Highs in the mid-90s created a heat index of over 100 degrees today and much of this week looks to be the same.

The heat had many trying to keep cool and safe, even those doing everyday errands.

When asked about the heat, Westfield resident Keenan told 22News he feels, “A little indifferent I could do without it right now but you got to make the best of what you have.”

You may not realize it but with temperatures climbing into the 90s, just leaving a car in the parking lot for 10 minutes can make for dangerous conditions inside. It doesn’t take that long for the inside of your car to get really hot.

It’s not just your car that can heat up quickly. Pavement can heat up within a matter of minutes, in some cases, over 130 degrees which can be harmful to your pets when going for walks.

“I pack some extra water for my dog, got the travel bowl that collapses, and whenever I leave the car I’ll always throw on my shades to make sure it doesn’t heat up too quickly,” said Keenan.

As temperatures will stay in the 90s this week some other useful tips include parking your car in a shaded area and if you plan to be outside, the morning and the evening are when temperatures are the coolest.

Lastly, making sure you drink plenty of water and eat healthy food is always helpful to beat the heat.