CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The unofficial start to summer is right around the corner, that’s Memorial Day weekend, with many people fueling up as we speak to get an early start before the busy holiday. 22News traveled to the Ludlow Service Plaza on the Mass Pike to find out how gas prices are impacting travel plans.

It was a busy day on the Mass Pike as many tried to head out early to beat the traffic. 22News spoke to people who say the price of gas has them reevaluating how far they are willing to travel.

“I’m visiting a friend that I haven’t seen in a while so it doesn’t matter what the gas prices are really,” said Alice Graves of New York.

This memorial day weekend is expected to be the busiest since 2019. Many call it revenge travel as people make up for lost time and hit the road for the summer regardless of the prices at the pump.

“Yes and no it’s costing a lot more these days obviously but I still feel like it’s really important to go places and visit people and make the most of everything,” said Cacilia Wyman of New York.

To drive or not to drive? According to AAA, thirty-nine million people are projected to travel which is up 8 percent in comparison to 2021. Although gas prices are rising, many people will still hit the roads to travel even if it’s locally.

22News spoke to some people who have said they plan on traveling closer to home and scaling back on large expenses like hotels and dining out, instead opting to stay with friends and family.

“I think people are going to think about let’s stay in the area. Maybe who can I visit that’s not as far. And I also think what people do is like I go visit someone I know so that way I save money that way,” said Wyman.

So in addition to packing your bags, you’ll also want to pack your patience. With more people heading out, that means more congestion on the roads. And depending on where you travel, higher gas prices.