SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The demand for travel is going up as we approach the holiday weekend, and it’s not just everyday drivers who are feeling the price hike. 22News found out how those with much larger gas tanks are dealing with record-high gas prices.

RV and Boat owners are bracing for higher gas prices this memorial day weekend. Those owners could be spending upwards of $200 to fill their tanks. Gas prices have had an effect on people across the board.

RV and boat sales skyrocketed during the pandemic because of people’s desire to get outside, but now, as gas prices reach record highs, they are left paying the price.

“For the first time ever, we are at $4 or more per gallon in every state in the country. We’ve never seen that before,” said Andrew Gross, AAA Spokesperson.

While the average Class C RV holds about 25 gallons, some can hold upwards of 100 gallons. That would cost a driver more than $400 to fill. The same goes with owning a boat, of course, depending on the size of the tank. Filling a 25-foot pontoon boat can take about 30 to 50 gallons of fuel.

It’s causing many to rethink how far they’re willing to travel for the holiday.

“I’ve considered not traveling to tournaments. I fish everywhere from the Pittsfield area to almost Boston out on 495 and some of those trips I won’t make anymore,” said Russel Boudreau, boat owner, from South Hadley.

Boudreau is a veteran fishman. He takes his boat out on Brunelle’s Marina every year. Although it hasn’t come to the point of selling his boat, he’s hoping prices come down soon so he can enjoy what he loves without the huge price tag.

“It’s hard to give up what you love, that’s what it comes down to,” said Boudreau.

Gas prices are up 13 cents a gallon in the last week in Massachusetts. Monday’s prices were at $4.73 a gallon. Another record high.

Experts predict prices won’t be going down through Memorial Day weekend.