CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Spring is here and that means we’re starting to see more ants.

It happens every year when winter ends…ants become much more active.

The rainy weather western Massachusetts has been dealing with isn’t helping. Rain saturates the soil, causing the ants to leave ground nests and search for drier areas, according to American Pest. 

Ants are around in the winter. We just don’t see them as much because they slow down. Entomologist Natasha Wright told 22News, ants are around year long and when the weather gets warmer, it’s foraging time.

“So normally ants are kind of not dormant, they don’t hibernate, but they are a lot slower in the winter,” Wright explained. “Now that we’ve had these warm days, they’re coming out and foraging and looking for food.”

And getting rid of them inside your house, where plentiful food is, can be tough. They’ll target your garbage can, but also your pantry. 

Many do-it-yourself traps can actually make some species’ nests split, so you have even more colonies than you began with. Wright suggests always using a professional to help with a major problem.

Common ants in western Massachusetts are odorous house ants, sugar and pavement ants, and carpenter ants.

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