LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – JGS Lifecare will resume their caregiver support group in person beginning on Tuesday.

Caregiver support groups are meetings that provide caregivers a way to connect with other caregivers where they can share any issues, needs, concerns, and feelings in a safe, supportive, non-threatening, and non-judgmental environment, according to a news release from JGS Lifecare.

These support groups are a place where people know that everyone in the group understands your caregiving journey because they are experiencing the same or similar situations. This peer group is where each participant is free to share their issues as well as other solutions and suggestions to help other group members.

It will run in the second and fourth weeks from January through April, skipping April 11th. Their last meeting will be on April 25th. This group is for active caregivers who are caring for someone living with dementia and is of no cost to the participants.

The meetings take place at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home in the Coffee Shop off of the lobby. To reserve a spot, email mschelb@JGSLifecare.org or call 413-935-1791.