SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We are expecting warmer temperatures this weekend, but that could also make pond ice more hazardous for winter activities like ice skating.

The temperatures in the last few days have been above freezing, causing ice to melt and make it less thick. Fire departments have ice rescue equipment in the event that someone does fall in.

However, Springfield Fire Commissioner B.J. Calvi is urging residents to stay off the pond ice at this time and look for alternative options. “Indoor skating, the ice is man-made, it’s on a solid surface,” said Calvi.

“Not worrying about thin ice and falling through the ice is a good thing,” Alicia Gapen, Springfield parent adds, who has been taking her children to Cyr Arena Skating Rink in Forest Park.

A complete list of indoor skating rinks in the region can be found here.