SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Inflation is hitting everybody hard these days from the cost of food to increased prices of utilities. Some people 22News spoke with said that they’ve given up on certain things like going out to eat, but they still couldn’t avoid the high price tags in other places.

“When the prices changed they didn’t change a little bit. Like literally a 25% difference than what they were 6 months ago,” said PK Kiely. “It can be ridiculous.”

Frustrations heard nationwide, echoed right here in Western Massachusetts. Inflation driving up the cost of goods in many industries made worse by the pandemic, whether you are seeing it at the gas pump, or at the grocery store.

“I have mostly noticed it with food, specifically at the supermarket. And eating at restaurants has almost become impossible,” Kiely continued. “I like to support to them, but I definitely ended up cooking more. But now the food at the supermarket is so expensive!

Mark Teed, a financial advisor at Raymond James, explained why prices are skyrocketing.

“Let’s use truck drivers as an example. There’s a shortage of truck drivers, so any company that wants to hire a truck driver has to pay them more, ” Teed said. “Plus oil prices going up by 50%, so that means whatever product that they are delivering now just costs more. That has to be passed along to the consumer.”

Teed added that more information will be released on the latest inflation numbers here in the US this Thursday.