SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield redevelopment authority has received some grant funding that will be used to bring underutilized buildings back to life.

The Springfield redevelopment authority has received $990,000 in grant money from the state’s Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development.

The city had submitted an application for the funding to be used on recently acquired properties 113-115 State Street and 1145-1155 Main, or Colonial Block, under the underutilized properties program. 22news spoke with Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno about the economic potential the upgrading of this space could bring to the city.

“I think you’ll see mixed use of maybe some retail, I think you’ll see maybe some other restaurant establishments and I think up top you might see office space or people, you know the market right now in housing is starting to take off in Downtown Springfield, you might begin to see that,” Mayor Sarno told 22News.

The grant award will advance construction and stabilization of the property until the city procures a developer. The Springfield Redevelopment Authority is aiming for a formal solicitation for these redevelopment opportunities in early 2023.

Mayor Sarno said, “My administration is grateful for the continued efforts working with the Baker-Polito Administration to secure necessary resources to ensure and aid in realizing economic potential for buildings and projects that are challenging.  CDO Tim Sheehan and I want to thank Dan Rivera, President and CEO of MassDevelopment and the EOHED for their continued partnership.  We are looking forward to the future development of these properties as it will have a tremendous impact to the vibrancy of downtown, promote economic stability of our central business district, better serve the neighborhood and community, and create a new mixed-use development that will bring more of that good four-letter work to our city – JOBS!” 

“These funds will aid with the preservation and stabilization of the SRA-owned buildings as we work to implement the City vision and priorities as re-defined in the recent Court Square Urban Renewal Plan amendment which will advance economic development and continue to build vibrant communities. We look forward to the continued momentum felt in the City with all the recent redevelopment projects and look forward to seeing these buildings come back to life!” said Amanda Pham, Executive Director of the Springfield Redevelopment Authority. 

About One Stop

The Community One Stop for Growth is a single application portal and collaborative review process of community development grant programs that make targeted investments based on a Development Continuum. This process streamlines the experience for the applicant and better coordinates economic development programs and staff on engagement and grant making. It also reorients the State from a passive reviewer of funding requests to an active partner in economic development strategy, priorities, and investment.

The One Stop benefits communities in the following ways, as they pursue state funding to realize their housing and economic development goals:

  • Ability to be considered for more than one grant program simultaneously, saving time on research and applications to different agencies and programs.
  • Guidance and State partnerships, allowing applicants to receive key feedback before completing a full application, and allowing the State to holistically and directly engage with local leadership.
  • Direct referrals to additional programs that applicants otherwise may not realize could support their priorities.
  • Removal of redundant legacy program processes and questions to streamline the application experience
  • A broader view of community priorities, allowing the state to understand community vision beyond four corners of a single, discrete application.
  • Collaborative review, allowing for State funding coordination and enhanced State awareness and support for community development goals.