HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – With the help of his patients, Dr. James McCann, a Holyoke chiropractor helps provide for the hungry served by the Providence Ministries.

The $4,151 check to Kate’s Kitchen represents donations from Atlas Chiropractic patients for the medical services he provides. Dr. James McCann has been following this arrangement for the past 10 years.

“The generosity of our patients has been amazing. What’s really been so heartwarming for us, is it makes our staff feel good because the patients are just so generous.”

Providence Ministries Executive Assistant Stephanie Trombley will use the money to keep serving meals to the many who depend on Kate’s Kitchen for their meals.

“Kate’s Kitchen serves about 210 meals a day and lunches 365 days a year. It means so much to this community, especially during Covid, we had a big uptick in meals.” Stephanie Trombley, Providence Ministries Executive Assistant

In addition to providing cash for their chiropractic treatment, some patients donated food that will be distributed before the holidays for Holyoke families needing this help. Dr. McCann is proud that even during the pandemic, with the help of his patients, he was able to keep the flow of food and donated money coming in to assist Kate’s Kitchen continue its vital work.