SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A water main break in Springfield early Wednesday morning has been shut after crews worked for about four hours to fix it.

Our 22News crew went to East Columbus Avenue at around 6:00 and saw several streets flooded, causing a traffic back up. The water main break flooded underneath the I-91 bridge and effected West Columbus Avenue, Mill Street, and the lowest portion of Main Street.

22News viewers have reported low water pressure to no water throughout the city, including neighborhoods as far away as Sixteen Acres and Indian Orchard. Viewers from Ludlow have also reported a lack of water service in their town, as well.

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission posted an update to their Twitter at 10:30 a.m. that the break has been shut and water service and pressure should be restored except in the immediate isolation zone. Customers may still notice water discoloration. The water is safe to drink and use but Springfield Water and Sewer Commission will be conducting additional water quality sampling Wednesday to be sure.

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission spokesperson Jaimye Bartak told 22News around 6 a.m. that Water and Sewer Commission crews were assessing the flood. Bartak also added it was a 36″ water main break, which is considered fairly large. The cause is currently unknown at this time.

“A lot of times we see 12, 8-inch pipes break and they spill a lot of water,” said Josh Schimmel, director. “We see that a lot on our residential streets. A transmission main which is 36 inches carries a lot more water creating more of a disaster.”

Springfield Mayor Sarno has ordered to close all non-essential city services and municipal buildings until further notice. Residents are asked to shelter in place as crews clean up and repair the area.

As of 7 a.m. I-91 Northbound Exits 4 and 5 are closed and I-91 Southbound Exit 4 in Springfield is closed. Drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes.

Customers who do have water service may notice brown water coming from their taps. According to the Water and Sewer Commission, you should wait a half an hour after seeing brown water, and then run the cold water tap (do not use hot water) for about five minutes to see if it runs clear. You should repeat the process until the water is clear.

22News will give you the latest as more information becomes available.


MAP: East Columbus Avenue