WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The business community has put COVID-19 behind them as we wade into 2023 but many of the pandemic-era challenges to small businesses persist into the new year. 22News spoke with small business owners about what they are still working to overcome.

Small businesses continue to tread into 2023 in the face of inflation, labor shortages and supply chain slowdowns originally caused by the pandemic and now in the new year, the storm continues.

“Eggs are my biggest biggest issue. They said three, four, maybe five months away its gonna start to come back,” said Dominic Pompi, owner of Memo’s Restaurant and Catering.

Pompi told 22News this time last year he was paying around $27 for a case of eggs. Now, its typically over $60 and has highs up to $71 dollars a case, which is about 15-dozen eggs. Memo’s goes through around 45 cases Sunday to Sunday, almost $3,000 in eggs a week!

“It impacts me immensely. Big time. And that doesn’t count egg whites and egg beaters and all that other stuff,” said Pompi.

However, it isn’t just your favorite eateries facing these continued challenges as we deal with winter. Faded Barber Lounge in Chicopee opened during the pandemic, weathered that storm, and now continues to face supply issues.

“Literally everything went up. Barber products went up. Barber Supply would normally come around every week. Now its every other week so that’s a challenge. But like I said, Faded Barber Lounge, we say strong and we’re making it happen,” said Ricardo Diaz-Vargas, owner of Faded Barber Lounge.

Optimism from both business owners, likely integral in their survival, along with savvy business decisions and loyal patrons supporting their community.