(WWLP) – Springfield Technical Community College, Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College will hold Veterans Day events this Wednesday.

Springfield Technical Community College:

STCC professor and Vietnam veteran Eric Brown was featured as a guest speaker Wednesday and discussed about his time as a field medic when he served in the Vietnam War from 1967 to 1968. He told 22News about the challenges veterans face when they return from war experience.

“Many veterans may have some trouble readjusting back to civilian life, and it would be nice if we were out there to help them and support them,” said Brown. He added that the growth in veterans services and events over the years have helped people develop a greater sense of appreciation for those who have made sacrifices for their country.

Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College:

Holyoke Community College and Westfield State University joined forces Wednesday for a pre-Veterans Day event. It featured a roundtable discussion called “U.S. Veterans on the Frontline” between multiple local veterans and veterans activists. The event provided an opportunity to learn what it means to be in the military, to be a veteran, and how veterans make a difference on the frontlines.

“Everybody says, “Why do we have Veterans Day?’ And the reason we have Veterans Day and the reason we celebrate our veterans is because we’re such a small population. I mean who else is gonna sign up to the government and say, I’m gonna give you my life, I’m gonna work 24/7, you can send me wherever you want, you can upheave my life, and veterans are the only ones who are gonna do that,” said Lisa Ducharme, the Veteran and Military Service Coordinator at Westfield State University.

A resource fair and speed networking event is also being held later Wednesday evening, from 6 to 8 p.m.