SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After a dirt bike rider was arrested Monday for attempting to disarm a Springfield officer, 22News is following up with local officials on the latest on getting illegal dirt bikes off the road.

Accorrding to Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh, officers have seized more than 50 off highway vehicles so far this year, compared to last year when police seized 125.

Walsh says due to proactive efforts earlier this year by police, the city hasn’t seen a significant increase in incidents involving illegal dirt bike riders this summer. 22News spoke with state representative Orlando Ramos who has been pushing legislation that when bikes are confiscated by police, they are also destroyed.

“These folks that are breaking the law and that are riding these dirt bikes…these are adults. These are not kids that are going for a joy ride. I hear that a lot from people that are saying build a park for these kids. They are not kids. They are adults. They know what they are doing and they know that they are breaking the law,” said State Representative Orlando Ramos of Springfield.

Ramos says that legslation is currently stuck int he Judicial Committee, but he expects to have it past by the end of this session, which is this July and by next year the city of Springfield will have the authority to destroy the illegal dirt bikes.