SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — It was a knock-out first-of its kind celebration at the MassMutual Center as Western Massachusetts residents gathered for the Taco and Margarita festival.

“I mean, who doesn’t love tacos?,” expressed one festival-goer.

Guests enjoyed food, drinks, and entertainment which included a live wrestling match. Attendees told 22News events like these, are helping to revitalize downtown Springfield.

“I think Springfield’s been doing a lot, as far as the entertainment, especially with MGM and also the riverfront,” expressed Springfield resident Rick Gorman.

“We are in a direct process to work with the mayor to revitalize downtown itself, especially Worthington street where we are, just to get the business back to where it used to be, and people feel safe in downtown Springfield again,” said the Executive Chef at Jackalope Restaurant, Kyle Corteis.

Attendees like Clark Zelazo of Springfield are happy to have a unique event available close to home. “The last taco festival we actually had to go to was in New York. It was like three hours away, and then the last one we did was in Arizona, and it was finally nice to see one close and local. You know, you got small businesses, large businesses, but you get mix of everything here. On a rainy day, I mean you’re inside, it’s nice in here, good atmosphere, good people, so why not?”

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