CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As the temperatures drop local residents are trying to keep their homes warm.

One Chicopee resident, Angela Morin told 22News, “Everything is going up, all the prices gas heat lights everything is going up.” Colder temperatures are here, and many are reaching to their thermostats and wallets to keep their homes warm.

According to some recent numbers from the Mass Department of Energy Resources residents can expect to pay a little more this year. Another Chicopee resident, Donna Wedemeyer reiterated, “Oh prices are starting to jump way way up.”

The Department says that on average it is currently about $3 and 41 cents per gallon of oil to heat your home. Which is 93 cents more than last year, making residents revaluate which method to use to heat their homes.

“For us we think gas would be the cheapest way to go, I imagine if you own a single home if would be a lot worse then what we got. It is still expensive for a condo, it’s cheaper than electric and cheaper than oil,” added Jurgen Wedemeyer.

Residents across the state are concerned prices keep going up for a variety of different things from gas to produce. Which is leaving people to find alternatives to conserve heat in their homes.

“We try to not go out that often keep the doors closed and keep the heat inside and we have a little fireplace.” said Donna.

While Morin added, “We put plastic on our windows, we put door stoppers, we just go around our house if we feel air, we just try to make sure to seal them up as good as we can.”

According to, heating your homes with oil requires 100 to 150 gallons, which is about $500 per fill up. So before heading to the thermostat find cost effective ways to keep your homes warm this winter.