SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some small Western Massachusetts businesses are fearful of how inflation will impact their future. 22News found out about the crisis faced by a family owned Springfield bakery, now paying one thousand dollars more per week for its supply of flower.

The Italian Bread Shop in Springfield’s Forest park neighborhood reports being caught in meat grinder of inflationary prices charged by their out of town supplier.

Jenny Santos, daughter of the owner of Italian Bread Shop said, “Increasing prices on a weekly basis, every week it goes up a tad more, a tad more, and we’ve been informed it’s going to go up. Supplies are pretty much scarce, so that’s pretty scary considering.”

Jenny Santos felt obligated to level with her customers, many of whom joined city officials helping renovate their iconic bake shop earlier this year free of charge.

She felt costumers should recognize the bind that inflation and material shortages small businesses are facing.

Jenny continued, “It’s like a domino effect, I can’t say necessarily it’s the supplier, where they’re getting it from, manufacturer to employee.”

And, the pain at the pump only adds to the discomfort of trying to hold the line on bakery projects.

Especially the increased cost of getting their baking goods for a supplier based in Rhode Island.

Jenny Santos expressed gratitude to their customers who’ve stood with her family during this very difficult time.