LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been more difficult for some grocery stores to get foods and other products, but one in Longmeadow has a found other ways to get what they need.

COVID-19 has put a huge strain on warehouse and transportation capacity, since there are just not enough workers to fill the positions. It’s delayed orders for grocery stores like Armata’s Market in Longmeadow, who have been using alternative suppliers. However, they’ve noticed higher prices for the meats on their order list.

“We’ve been getting price changes weekly on beef, pork and chickens. And we have had to react based on the supply chain. But we have been able to adjust our prices down,” said Assistant Manager Al Ferrentino of Armata’s Market.

He also pointed out by packaging meats themselves, they’re able to keep prices down and continue with their sales. Ferrentino is expecting the upcoming holidays to amplify the supply chain issues, especially with meats, so they’re already planning ahead.