LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The public had a chance to make their voices heard on the proposed construction of a gas pipeline in Hampden County, during a Longmeadow Planning Board meeting Tuesday night.

Part of the project would include building a metering station in a residential neighborhood. 

A handful of members of the Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group stood in the rain Tuesday night to voice their opposition to the expansion of a natural gas pipeline in Longmeadow. 

“We do support repairing on the leaks and you know other things that need to happen, but expansion is what we don’t want,” said Cynthia Sommer, a member of the group. “And safety hazards too.” 

Sommer said her group knows the likelihood is high that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will grant Tennessee Gas permission to expand its gas delivery through Longmeadow. But they hope by adding a new bylaw, called Article 42, to the town’s books, town officials will be able to better monitor safety. 

“It’s a typical neighborhood,” Sommer explained to 22News. “It’s densely populated and the concern is that these facilities is a place where they regulate pressure. And as part of doing that, as a normal part of operation things are off-gassed. So, what’s coming out as the pressure is reduced.” 

About two dozen residents attended this planning board meeting. Many of them voiced their concerns about the metering station. 

A yes vote would mean the new bylaw will monitor:

  • Air quality emissions 
  • Set noise limits for gas equipment 
  • Impose penalties for violations 

Longmeadow residents can vote on Article 42 Tuesday, May 14, during the town’s annual meeting. 

22News reached out and left messages with Tennessee Gas, no word from the company yet. 

The gas company previously told 22New the pipeline infrastructure upgrades are needed to meet the increased demand for natural gas. 

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