SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mayor Domenic Sarno and Justin Hurst received the most votes in Tuesday’s preliminary election and will face off in the November election.

The voter turnout for this year’s preliminary election was 13.56 percent. This turnout is lower than the voter turnout in 2011, when it was at 14.71 percent. However, it is higher than the voter turnout in 2015 when it was 7.12 percent and 2019 had 7.62 percent.

Springfield resident Carl Reiner told 22News that more should be done to make people want to go out and vote, “Should be away to attract people to voter forums, you know where they, and I know that there is some of that going on but maybe make them a little bit more attractive, so somebody will give up the time after their workday to go to something like that.”

In the preliminary election, Domenic Sarno ended with 7,120 votes, Justin Hurst had 4,292 votes, Orlando Ramos ended with 2,032 votes, Jesse Lederman with 1,344 and Dr. David Ciampi had 93 votes.

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