LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Students in Ludlow are being restricted from some senior activities after a prank left the high school a mess. People in the Ludlow community feel like this year’s prank, a senior tradition, went too far.

According to a letter sent by the Ludlow High School Principal obtained by 22News, 70 students were involved in a “senior prank” on April 27th that, in part, “defaced every hallway, stairwell and three classrooms…. Left behind extensive amounts of toilet paper, streamers, balloons and confetti… and about 500 crickets were released in the teacher’s lounge.”

The letter states it took two and a half hours to clean the building so it could open for teaching the next morning. Ludlow residents say this senior prank went too far.

“I think the kids these days are out of control and I think that stems from the parents at their house not keeping them under control. I went to that high school and we did pranks, but they were funny pranks. There was never anything cruel, never anything that hurt anyone or anything like that,” said a concerned Ludlow resident.

According to the principal, the 70 students involved will not be allowed to participate in the senior farewell and walkthrough.

The principal’s letter stated the students involved in the prank were able to gain access to the building because the doors were unlocked for a drama club production.