EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The trend of record breaking gas prices continued Friday, putting the cost at $5.03 per gallon in Massachusetts on average. So you may be looking for ways to use less gas. 22News spoke with the people at Valley Bike in East Longmeadow to see what they’re noticing.

In May, Valley Bike’s riders rode 32,000 miles and took over 12,000 trips, that’s almost double from April. Valley Bike serves eight communities in the Pioneer Valley. You can rent one of their electric assist bikes using an app. And, not only have they seen ridership increase; they’re also seeing that people are going on short trips.

Shannon Bliven is the Community Outreach and Bikeshare Development for Valley Bike. She said that the trend indicates people are using bikes for their errands when they may have opted for a car instead. She added that besides saving on gas, there are other benefits to choosing a bike.

“It is really much better for the environment, it’s gonna cut down on traffic. It’s good for your health. A lot of people think because they’re electric assist that it’s cheating. That’s not really true,” said Bliven.

They also offer discounted memberships called access pass through the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. That’s available to people who take part in programs like SNAP, section housing, and MassHealth.