SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Following weeks of rainy weather, this weekend felt like the perfect few days to get outside.

People in Forest Park Sunday were celebrating birthdays, playing soccer, and finally enjoying this weather that many have been waiting for.

“I don’t really like winter I’m more of a summer guy,” said Abolfazel Mojahee of Worcester. “For like 3 or 4 months straight it’s been like snowing, cold, rainy winter and so it’s just nice you know having the sun out… and clear skies going outside and being able to go outside and enjoy the day.”

Many used the sunny day Sunday to walk their pup while others at the park took the opportunity to get away from the treadmill and onto the path at the park.

Long distance runner Tajour Cohen-Henry told 22News that he’s been waiting for a nice sunny day for a long time so that he can train for his upcoming 5K races.

Springfield “I know there are certain runners who like the cold weather but for me, I personally like the warmer weather,” said Cohen-Henry. “I get to breathe a little bit more easier and I can get to wear better active wear.”

And good news, the weather looks like it will stay nice out for the foreseeable future.