HOLYOKE, Mass (WWLP) – The children attending Mater Dolorosa school in Holyoke are planting the seeds they pray will lead to an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

At Pulski Park, the former Bocce court is being transformed into a symbol of what the Mater Dolorosa students hope will lead to peace in Ukraine; A Unity Garden containing the national flowers of Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

“We are making it to raise money to help the Ukraine, and we are trying to make the war stop,” said Oisin Andrews, a sixth grader at Mater Dolorosa school.

Educators and their students had debated the make up of this Unity Garden with its humane implications of leading to the eventual end of hostilities. They feel they’ve made the right decision.

“We wanted to make sure we were inclusive of everyone. We said this is more than just Ukraine, this is also many people in Russia that are fighting to help also,” said Eileen Jachyn, a teacher at Mater Dolorosa school.

Apparently the school community came on board quickly when they decided to create the garden, symbolically calling for peace; a continued expression of Polish support for the beleagued population of Ukraine.

“So everybody got together to make this happen and the message is one of community, that we’re all in this together,” said Chris Andrews, a school board member.

The national flowers of Ukraine, Russia and Poland will grow side by side, in hopes that one day soon the Russians will put aside their weapons and allow the people of Ukraine to again live in peace.