SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A meeting was held Thursday afternoon to discuss a solution on a location to hold the annual Mayflower Marathon after the Basketball Hall of Fame decided to cut ties with the event.

Representative González met with John Dolvea, president and CEO of the Basketball Hall of Fame, representatives from Colebrook Realty, Open Pantry and Rock 102 to determine the future location of the Mayflower Marathon.

Rock 102’s Mayflower Marathon, a huge community-driven event that raises money for the Springfield-based Open Pantry, is looking for a new host location after the Basketball Hall of Fame said it could no longer accommodate the event due to “anticipated increased parking needs.” Thursday afternoon, a meeting brokered by Representative González was held about the future of the fundraising effort.

“The Mayflower Marathon will be hosted in the city of Springfield, we hope that the Hall of Fame will have a presence within that three day event, and we look forward to having a decision made in the very near future that will potentially will bring new players into making this the most successful event ever to raise funds for the Open Pantry,” said Representative González.

González adds this year, the event is looking bigger than ever before. He said the overall mood of the meeting was a positive one. Proposals for the event were all submitted Thursday and another meeting to narrow down the proposals will be held within the next seven to 10 days. The plan for next year’s Mayflower Marathon will be announced before September 1st.

The Rock 102’s annual Mayflower Marathon has been held in the parking lot of the Hall of Fame for more than 20 years. Organizers say they are firmly committed to the Mayflower Marathon and hope that despite the change in location, this year raises the most for the Open Pantry to date.