SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mayor Sarno and the city American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) announced Wednesday that the city of Springfield’s sixth round of ARPA RFP funding awards totaling $84,000 for direct cash assistance for households located within the Qualified Census Tracts (QCT). 

The initial round of 60 ARPA household applications approved will each be awarded $1,400 in direct cash assistance, the most that can be awarded under federal ARPA guidelines.  The city has received 114 ARPA household applications that are eligible by the QCT.

“My administration is proud to announce this sixth round of local ARPA funding of $1,400 as direct cash assistance for 60 ARPA household applications totaling $84,000, with more to come,” Mayor Sarno added.  “This direct cash assistance will provide much-needed relief for residents as we continue to recover and move our Springfield forward post-pandemic.”      

The city’s ARPA team will continue to review and follow up with all pending ARPA applications for households and will award additional household applications once all eligibility requirements have been approved. 

This sixth round of ARPA funding giving direct relief and assistance to households is in addition to the approximate $3 million that has already been allocated to Wayfinders to continue to provide assistance for residents with their mortgage, rent, and utility bills.

The ARPA team is in the process of updating the ARPA household and senior application to streamline and make the application process easier for residents.  The new updated ARPA household and senior application will be posted online on the city’s website by next week.