Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno has suspended contract negotiations with the Springfield Police Supervisor’s Association. 

Mayor Sarno said he doesn’t understand why the Police Union didn’t accept their latest contract offer. 

Mayor Sarno announced on Saturday that he had suspended negotiations with the Police Supervisors’ Association. 

He told 22News the city put a fair and reasonable contract offer on the table, but the police union turned it down and has unsustainable financial demands. 

Mayor Sarno said Thursday that the two would use a third party arbitrator to help resolve the contract dispute.

The Springfield Police Supervisors’ Association has worked for three years without a contract, longer than any other labor union in the city. 

Mayor Sarno said he still supports and stands behind all of the city’s police officers, despite the contract dispute.

We couldn’t speak to Mayor Sarno in person Monday because of the holiday.