The Springfield City Council is one step closer to passing two controversial proposed ordinances. Springfield Mayor Sarno said he will veto both the Welcoming Community Trust ACt and the Increase in Compensation Ordinance.

Mayor Sarno responded to the City Council taking another step toward making Springfield a sanctuary city.

In a statement released Tuesday Mayor Sarno said:

Boy, did the City Council really stick it to our taxpayers with a ‘double whammy’ last night. They voted again to become a sanctuary city, and then voted themselves a huge pay increase, by not even following their own review committee’s report recommendation of a much less pay increase.

The Springfield City Council discussed the two proposed ordinances at their meeting last night. The Welcoming Community Trust Act would prevent Springfield law enforcement and city employees from working on behalf of federal agencies, or questioning people’s immigration status if the work doesn’t relate to their job. 

The proposed Increase in Compensation Ordinance would increase city councilors’ salaries by $10,000 and Mayor Sarno’s salary by $25,000.

“It was really a double whammy to the taxpayers in the City of Springfield because they are continuing to move forward with making it sanctuary city and then they voted themselves a huge pay increase and that is something that I cannot support,” Mayor Sarno told 22News.

City Councilor At-Large Jesse Lederman told 22News the Welcoming Community Trust Act is in compliance with federal and state law and would not make Springfield a sanctuary city.

Lederman said the City Council will take a final vote on the Welcoming Community Trust Act on December 17. He added that the increase in compensation ordinance will need more discussion before it’s put up for a final vote.