SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mercy Medical Center has once again been honored by the American Heart Association with the prestigious ‘Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Gold Plus’ quality achievement award.

This recognition underscores Mercy’s unwavering dedication to providing stroke patients with the highest standard of care based on nationally recognized guidelines. By adhering to these research-backed protocols, Mercy Medical Center continues to contribute to increased survival rates, reduced disability, and improved patient outcomes.

Stroke ranks as the fifth leading cause of death and a significant contributor to disability in the United States. It occurs when a blood vessel responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain becomes obstructed by a clot or ruptures. This deprivation of blood and oxygen leads to the death of brain cells. Swift detection and treatment are pivotal in enhancing survival rates, minimizing long-term effects, and accelerating recovery.

‘Get With The Guidelines’ harnesses the collective expertise of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, channeling it to hospitals nationwide to ensure patient care aligns with the latest evidence-based guidelines. The in-hospital program for stroke care improvement strives to maintain consistent adherence to these guidelines, which play a crucial role in mitigating the lasting impact of strokes and preventing fatalities.

Asha Dhamija, M.D., M.P.H., CHCQM, Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Medical Center, affirms the institution’s commitment to elevating patient care through guideline compliance. “‘Get With The Guidelines’ empowers our teams to integrate proven knowledge and practices into their daily routines, leading to enhanced patient recovery. Our ultimate objective is to grant the Springfield community the opportunity to lead healthier, longer lives.”

Every year, participating hospitals demonstrate their commitment to delivering quality care for stroke patients, earning them the ‘Get With The Guidelines’ award. Beyond adhering to treatment protocols, program participants educate patients on effectively managing their health and recovery beyond the hospital setting.

Steven Messe, M.D., volunteer chairperson of the American Heart Association Stroke System of Care Advisory Group, applauds Mercy Medical Center for its dedication to stroke care. “Participation in ‘Get With The Guidelines’ correlates with improved patient outcomes, fewer readmissions, and decreased mortality rates, benefiting healthcare systems, families, and communities.”

Mercy Medical Center’s excellence extends further, as it also secures the ‘StrokeSM Elite Honor Roll’ award from the American Heart Association. This accolade is granted to hospitals meeting specific criteria that expedite treatment with the clot-buster alteplase for eligible stroke patients.

Moreover, Mercy has merited the American Heart Association’s ‘Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll’ award. This distinction ensures that patients with Type 2 diabetes, who face elevated risk for complications, receive the most current, evidence-based care during their hospitalization due to stroke.

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