(WWLP) – In the lower Pioneer Valley, temperatures this winter has been pretty warm and that could make bugs present in your home sooner.

The mild winter weather has some bugs thinking it’s already spring and some people have seen ladybugs pop up in their homes recently.

Bugs don’t follow the calendar when it comes to being more active again, the weather is their strongest indicator of springtime and with many days in the 40s, that has ladybugs thinking it’s time to go out and about.

22News spoke with Keith LaCross with Braman Termite and Pest Elimination Specialists about what they’re most attracted to.

“They’re attracted to the house, they’re seeking shelter, they like lighter colored houses with dark backdrops specifically. So that’ll draw them into your home.”

The ladybugs are not looking for food like many other bugs and rodents. To prevent them from coming into your home, make sure your doors and windows are sealed tight.

They’re pretty harmless, but if they show up in your home in large numbers, you can vacuum them up, and also use a spray treatment.