Puerto Rico universities sent representatives up to Holyoke Community College Monday to recruit students to continue their studies on the island.

Two thousand students dropped out of Puerto Rican universities one year ago after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. They stopped their studies to help their families cope with the disaster.

Representatives from six Puerto Rico universities came to Holyoke Community College looking for transfer students.

It’s part of the “One Puerto Rico” project in which delegates from Puerto Rican universities will spend six days visiting community colleges across the Northeast.

“The students can get a great degree for much less money, I think it’s a better option to come to Puerto Rico,” Rosa Belvis of the University of Albizu said.

HCC was the group’s only stop in Massachusetts. The Island’s six universities targeted HCC because of the school’s 27 percent Hispanic enrollment.

The universities didn’t have to wait long to interest one student in what they have to offer.

“It sounds very impressive and it’s actually what I was planning on in Massachusetts, to go back,” Chane Catala, an HCC freshman, said.

The Puerto Rican university representatives don’t expect to complete their recruitment in one day. 
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