SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – What more appropriate place for a model railroading exhibit than Springfield’s Union Station?

“Kids on Track” is a job fair and show to display the intriguing world of model railroading to a younger generation. The exhibit should remind you of the Amherst Railway Societies annual visit to the Big E.

The venue for Saturday’s model railroading delight was Union Station, and it was for a specific reason.

Gregory Maas of the Amherst Railway Society explained, “The emphasis is on kids in railroading, and really more than anything else; a chance to run trains. And, it’s always fun to watch trains running.”

With the technology behind model railroading becoming more sophisticated, it’s hoped that young people will use this hobby to propel their interest in the sciences and STEM programs in particular.

Ray Chaffee a life long model railroading enthusiast had the idea of how to get the younger generation into the spectacular world of locomotives.

“It was decided about two months ago,” Chaffee said. “We need to get the youth interested in the hobby. Because, I’m 72-years-old, and I’m one of the younger guys in the hobby!”

The Amherst Railway Society is showing its determination to keep model railroading alive and thriving for generations to come. In the process they are helping today’s children use this beloved past time as a springboard to mastering the sciences for the future.

The “Kids on Track” show was held at Union Station on Saturday, and will also be open on Sunday from 10a.m. to 4p.m.

You can find more information on the Union Station website.