EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A motorcyclist is dead after a crash with two cars in East Longmeadow. It’s just one of a number of motorcycle crashes in our area in recent weeks.

The crash happened Friday morning on Somers and Pease Roads. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes like these have not been that uncommon these last few weeks.

Neal Normandin Co-Owner of The Apple Place, described the moments after the accident, “Just a lot of commotion, lot of sirens. We heard the ambulance leave very quickly.”

Police were there for hours with the accident reconstruction team. Neal said this is not the first time they’ve seen someone crash in this area, “That’s a bad intersection you can’t see people coming this way.”

This is just one of several deadly motorcycle crashes in recent weeks. Including accidents in Springfield, Orange, and Agawam. Dennis Bolduc is the Owner of Indian Motorcycle of Springfield in Westfield. He said they’ve been very busy with repairs.

Dennis Bolduc told 22News, “With the cost of gasoline, people are breaking out their motorcycles, they’re riding them a lot more.” He also said safety is crucial, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or in a car.

“Drive with what your line of sight is,” Bolduc advised, “If you’re going into a corner, don’t go racing to that corner because you don’t know what’s going to be beyond that. If you’ve got a tree blocking your vision or whatever just ride safe, ride very careful.”

Recent motorcycle accidents in western Massachusetts:

East Longmeadow Police said no arrests have been made. The cause of the crash is under investigation by state police and the Hampden county district attorney’s office.