EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – New rates have just taken effect for National Grid customers and you’ll probably notice the difference when you look at your next utility bill.

National Grid said the average monthly electricity bill will go up by 64 percent and 24 percent for natural gas.

Eversource has not officially released their rate numbers for the new season yet which takes effect in January. However, last week the CEO of Eversource put out a letter to President Biden.
In it he said the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission does not believe New England has enough natural gas supply in the event of extreme cold.

With these new rates in effect, Secretary of State William Galvin Tuesday said he has filed an amendment to a spending bill, giving $50 million to help families with heating oil prices.

National Grid put out a statement Tuesday reminding customers about their payment assistance programs, including income eligible heating assistance as well as no cost energy efficiency upgrades.