SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Following a baby found abandoned Sunday night on a door step in a Springfield neighborhood, 22News talked to people in the neighborhood about the incident.

People said this is a very quiet neighborhood and they lookout for one another here. However, certainly no one was expecting to come across an abandoned baby.

Marilyn White lives across from the home where the baby was abandoned in Springfield Sunday night. She saw the car seat there this weekend and mistook it for a package and did not hear a thing, “I did not hear a cry, I did not hear anything. My husband went across the street to grab the mail, he still didn’t hear anything, nothing at all until they came home that night.”

Although she did not hear anything, White is racked with guilt, “Every time I go to sleep, that’s all I think about. Why didn’t I go check, why didn’t I go check? And I’m trying to get over it and I go outside and I see the front of the step and I’m thinking, I could have saved the baby a little bit earlier. I mean frozen for two days, it was so cold and so windy it was excruciating. It was just the worst.”

Joan Rosenbaum of Longmeadow told 22News, “I feel that that mom was so desperate, that’s the only way out she saw for herself. It’s a very sad story, very sad indeed.”

The baby is still at Baystate Medical Center receiving treatment.